Designers & Makers

Ćilim Workshop

Pirot, Serbia

Based in the southern region of Serbia world-known for its handweaving tradition, Ćilim is keeping this unique craft alive working with the knowledge holders

Emir Šehanović

Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Boldly rethinking the oriental ornament and superstition in his fine art projects, the artist uncovers collective cultural subconscious of the Balkans

Women’s Center Užice

Užice, Serbia

Empowering jobless women from their hometown and the surrounding villages, this social enterprise works with textile utilizing traditional and modern techniques

Tamara Švonja

Belgrade, Serbia

One of the most playful and talented authors emerging from the Serbian design scene, Tamara is a versatile interior designer passionate about both form and function

Milan Blagojević

Loznica, Serbia

A meticulous artisan who underlines each object in his humble workshop with deepest respect for wood, and an unparalleled care for detail

Studio Antipod

Belgrade, Serbia

Antipod is a multidisciplinary architectural studio founded by Milan, Petar and Branko in 2007, specialized in product and interior design