MENT Leila
- soft and majestic -

500 x 500 mm | W ≈ 1.1 kg

Material: 100% natural wool and twill

Hand-woven, wool-filled pillow

Product care: Spot clean or dry clean only. Every once in a while gently spray the front side with a solution of water and vinegar. Optionally vacuum the front side with low power.

We invest time into your comfort. That is why it takes more than 100 hours of work and the collaboration of two distanced craft workshops to create a pillow such as Ment. A feast for the eyes as well as for your head or back, they are as soft as they are beautiful. Using the traditional materials and techniques, these delicate contemporary objects stay grounded in the local cultural memory. From this memory also comes the majestic legacy of the Balkan patterns,

in this case transposed into the now and the tomorrow by the designer Emir Šehanović. Aisha, Naima, Dalal, Ziba and Leila are the striking patterns that can also be found on our corresponding hand-woven Resa trails. Stuffed with unprocessed wool collected from Serbian cattlemen and completed by high-quality twill on the backside, Ment pillows speak of their infinitely human origin, and open the door for serenity and bliss into your everyday.