RESA Naima
- 150 hours of handwork under your feet -

1400 x 700 mm | W ≈ 1.1 kg

Material: 100 % natural wool

Hand-woven trail

Product care: Vacuum regularly with low power. Every once in a while gently spray with a solution of water and vinegar. Recommended for use on hard floors.

It actually takes time to make a timeless object. This is definitely the case with Resa, our most groundbreaking piece of artisan homeware that spawns from a sublime meeting of art and craft. Our dear weavers from the south of Serbia require more than 150 working hours to complete one of these exquisite trails, using the traditional techniques, looms and tools that are grounded in deep cultural experience. From this experience also comes the majestic legacy of the Balkan patterns, in this case transposed

into the now and the tomorrow by the designer Emir Šehanović. Meet Aisha, Naima, Dalal, Ziba and Leila – the striking patterns that can also be found on the faces of our corresponding Ment pillows. All Resa trails are hand-woven from 100% locally-sourced wool and come in vivid, stable colors that will liven up any interior they land in. Even though we are not offering you a flying carpet, we can promise these trails will lift your spirits and bring you the joy of everyday comfort.