- simple pleasures -

steamed walnut

865 x 250 x 20 mm [full size] | W 1.8 kg

Finish: High-quality natural oil coating

Triform modular serving board

Product care: Wash gently with warm water only. For lifelong use, once a month apply a thin layer of any natural cold-pressed oil and leave it to dry for 24 hours.

A wooden board – can it be more simple than that? Probably not, but to embrace the beauty of this simplicity, everything that makes it needs to be exquisite – the plank of wood it is carved from, the reliable glue and the finest oil coating that is both abiding and food safe. Tapa has it all, but also leaves enough space for a playful and smart design intervention. This modular, triform serving board lets you arrange a compelling dinner table or snack arrangement without even making an effort. You can use it as a

single long board, or play around with trapeze-like cuts and use the segments to make up your own, unique table setting. It comes in a lighter, reddish and exotic option of pear wood, as well as the peculiar forte of Folkk – lavish textures of steamed walnut. Use the subtle recesses to hold on to Tapa firmly, or fill them with a secret spice of your choice. That is all there is to it.